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Tulip Interfaces

Somerville, MA, United States

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Tulip is building the next-generation stack for manufacturing engineers. You can't think about an engineer without thinking about the stack that they use everyday: IDEs for developers, layout software for EEs, CAD/CAM for MechEs, etc. But the stack for the manufacturing engineer is Microsoft Office. At factory after factory, we've seen massive & complex manufacturing lines run by reams of paper.

Using Tulip, engineers can effortlessly author apps that integrate with machines and backend-systems – without having to program. After deploying these apps to the shop floor, engineers use our analytics engine to analyze their shop floor in real time.

Our software is already installed in factories across the world, enabling production lines to build the things you interact with everyday. We visit our customers' factories, learn about their manufacturing processes, and figure out how to solve their toughest problems.

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