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Alexandria City Public Schools

Alexandria, VA, United States

Phone: 703-619-8171
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ACPS is about equity, empowerment and inspiring students to thrive.

Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) serves more than 15,000 students who hail from more than 120 countries and speak 121 languages. ACPS has 18 schools, including two middle schools, two K-8 schools, one pre-K school and the internationally recognized T.C. Williams High School.

ACPS is committed to ensuring that each and every student succeeds
.ACPS places racial equity at the center of everything that we do as a school division. This challenges us to ensure our students are engaged in classroom instruction and have access to the educational resources needed to enhance their learning experiences. We will ensure that our schools are a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for all. We set clear division-wide priorities and programs to address opportunity and achievement gaps as well as makes sure that all students graduate ready for college, careers and life. Our vision is big and bold, and the potential is enormous.

Alexandria City Public Schools has pledged to provide an equitable, high quality education which is accessible and engaging to all students in a five-year strategic plan approved by the Alexandria City School Board on June 26, 2020.

Equity For All 2025 is a bold and courageous roadmap that is timely and will position ACPS as a national leader in redefining PreK-12 education as a deliberately inclusive and supportive experience where all succeed.

Going forward, racial equity will be at the center of every decision that the school division will make.

The plan’s mission is to ensure success by inspiring students and addressing barriers to learning. 

The plan’s vision is: Empowering all students to thrive in a diverse and ever-changing world.

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