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Annapolis, MD, United States

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Hiring environmental, health, and safety (EHS) managers and staff poses a particular challenge. Each organization’s EHS challenges and risks are unique, and finding candidates who are prepared to succeed in these critical roles involves much more than searching resumes for key words or relying on generalized experience descriptions.

Aarcher Talent was formed in response to increasing requests from organizations needing assistance with finding qualified EHS professionals. Organizations turn to Aarcher because of its 20-year history as a safety and environmental consulting services firm and the 14-year history of the Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training.

At Aarcher Talent, we understand that recruiting is a well-established process and most recruiting firms can find pools of candidates for any needed position. We decided to approach EHS-focused recruiting differently.

We performed a comprehensive analysis of our 7,500+ Aarcher Institute students and an evaluation of the more than 5,000 consulting assignments performed by Aarcher Consulting. Our technical and regulatory teams inventoried and characterized critical skill sets for EHS professionals serving in various roles. This team became our “Qualifications Team” and has retained responsibility for developing the Aarcher Talent Skills Matrix™ — the core of our qualifications evaluation process.

Based on these assessments, we brought in a highly qualified Recruiting Manager who studied the fundamental skill sets of EHS professionals using data compiled by the Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training and other industry data source. The recruiting strategy that emerged is a systematic approach to recruiting EHS candidates.

Our recruiting and staffing approach is truly unique. Our Qualifications Team is responsible for understanding client requirements, providing guidance for the recruiting process, and evaluating candidates before they are presented to clients. Our recruiters coordinate closely with the Qualifications Team, as they apply the recruiting industry’s latest tools and techniques to identify those hard-to-find professionals that will be solid contributors to our clients’ EHS programs.

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