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United States Steel Corporation

PA, United States

Phone: 262-439-1955
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With the acquisition of mini mill leader Big River Steel and construction of our Fairfield, AL, mini mill completed in 2021, we now have industry-best mini mill capabilities to match our integrated steelmaking leadership. The first proof of concept is verdeX® steel, made with up to 90% recycled steel content in a process that has a lower—as much as 75% lower—carbon footprint than traditional steelmaking methods.

We are now transitioning to our Best for All® strategy, guided by a vision that sees our planet as our most important customer. A vision that’s committed to providing differentiating, profitable and sustainable solutions to our customers. A vision that knows true transformation must go beyond steel—we must work to deliver what’s best for the people who work here, who buy our customers’ products and who live around us.

At U. S. Steel, we’re excited about the future of steel. And we can’t get there fast enough.

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