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Pavement Engineer


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Pavement Engineer

About Advanced Infrastructure Design, Inc. (AID)

AID is a leading consulting engineering firm that is fast growing! Maintaining a focus in assessment and evaluation of our nation’s aging infrastructure, AID has been operating out of central New Jersey for the past 22 years. With a satellite office in Philadelphia and another planned for Virginia, AID has built a strong team of engineers and researchers offering professional services that directly assist in providing sustainable solutions to maintain our infrastructure in a state of good repair. AID is nationally recognized for its quality of work and expertise in non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of highway infrastructure (structure, substructure, pavements, tunnels and pavements), pavement evaluation and design, UAS mapping, geotechnical design and subsurface investigation, subsurface and utility mapping, and forensic studies. AID owns and operates the most advanced arrays of NDT equipment, including two (2) Laser Crack Measurement Systems (LCMS), Falling (Heavy) Weight Deflectometers (FWD), various multi-channeled, ground-coupled and air-launched Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems, a unique 3D/Infrared (IR) tunnel scanner, top of the line drones, a high-speed profiler, walking profilers, IR Thermography, and many others. In addition, AID runs its own soils, asphalt, and concrete materials testing laboratory. Comprised of 4 distinct (but inter-operable) practice areas, AID is the go-to firm for any projects involving infrastructure assessment and rehabilitation. We are proud to be positioned in this important field addressing the needs of our clients.

Job Description

This is a full-time position with great benefits for a qualified Engineer in our “Pavement Engineering” practice area. This is a junior-level position with great potential and is meant for someone who requires minimal training, who can “hit the ground running” and be able to effectively add to on-going pavement engineering projects. We are looking for a candidate owning between 0-3 years similar experience in the pavement consulting engineering industry. In-person, hybrid, and remote work arrangements are available for this position.

The candidate should have a B.S.C.E. degree or higher with thorough and highly practical knowledge of pavement engineering principles. He/she should be well-versed with pavement evaluation and design, including the 1993 AASHTO Pavement Design Guide, the AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide, and Pavement-ME. Effective oral and written communication skills are required. Experience with pavement management projects and related software is a plus.

The primary responsibilities will be to execute any or all aspects of pavement engineering projects with full confidence. Project work will typically involve performing, coordinating, and managing field work, analyzing field data, and assisting in preparing technically and grammatically sound project reports. Familiarity and working knowledge with AID’s technologies, described above, are highly desirable. Project types may include any or all of pavement testing, evaluation, design, and management. Proficiency in technical writing, verbal communication, and the MS Office suite is required.

The pay range for this position is $80K-$100K per year and will be competitive and commensurate with the applicant’s qualifications and levels of relevant experience and education. AID has had a history of awarding end of year bonuses, which is based on the performance of the employee and the company. Also, overtime is compensated for all fieldwork and at times for office work, when warranted.

Interested candidates should email their resumes to Mr. Matt Sasko via msasko and note “Pavement Engineer, Pavement Engineering” as the subject.

AID is an Equal Opportunity Employer